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You see these pictures? These are the mugshots of WWE talent who have been arrested before. However, there are a few key differences between the first mugshot and the last two. Obviously, the first mugshot is of a woman, WWE Diva Emma. The bottom two are Jack Swagger and Santino Marella. Another key difference is that while Swagger and Marella kept their jobs, Emma was fired. Now if that blatant sexism doesn’t make you angry already, wait until I get into the details on the “crimes” committed.

Jack Swagger and Santino Marella were both arrested for driving under the influence. On top of the DUI, Swagger was also found with a stash of marijuana in his car. Both Superstars managed to keep their jobs, and instead of punishing them, the WWE went above and beyond – Jack Swagger is about to enter a storyline as an All American protagonist, and the fans are eating it up. Santino Marella is put into matches all the time, and always manages to win. But let’s talk about Emma. Emma was arrested for theft, as she was caught trying to leave Walmart with an iPad mini case. It turns out that Emma didn’t even steal the case, as she had tried to buy it using a self checkout station that was faulty. Her case was dropped, and Emma got her happy ending. WRONG. The WWE fires Emma, even though she didn’t even commit a crime. There are many cases of sexism in the WWE, but I will not allow them to get away with this blatant misogyny. Swagger and Marella could have potentially killed people, yet they get rewarded? It’s disgusting. 

If you would like to contact the WWE over this and urge them to reconsider Emma’s firing, please contact them here:

Don’t let the WWE get away with crushing a young woman’s dreams.

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